Information for Prospective Students and Chefs/Restaurants:  
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The ten-week Culinary Training Program (CTP) was created in 1991 to prepare individuals for entry-level positions in the food service industry. The program consists of six weeks of classroom training in classical French cooking techniques, followed by a four-week externship. In addition to lectures and hands-on demonstrations covering the equivalent of the first year of culinary school, the classroom training also includes workshops in job search strategy and life skills on topics such as résumé preparation, interview techniques, effective communication, time management and culinary theory. Students have the opportunity to complete a kitchen practicum at our Bread and Roses Café. The externship, conducted in the renowned kitchens of some of the Westside's best restaurants, provides students who may have little employment history with recent work experience and professional references (please see below for a list of some of our externship partners). All classes are provided free of charge to participants and include such supportive services as case management and pantry enrollment.

CTP students often lack not only education and income, but also self-esteem and an effective support system. Many have barriers to employment that prevent them from re-entering the workforce. The encouragement of CTP staff and mutual support among students instill hope and confidence in participants, comprising important components of their experience in the program and their ability to find employment.


Externship Partners

Our students go to externships after they complete their classroom training. We deeply appreciate the support of our our externship partners who make this hands-on experience possible in a variety of settings that range from institutional kitchens to fine dining restaurants. If you are interested in placing one of our students in your restaurant kitchen, please click here to email us. Our current externship partners include:




Playa Provisions


Post and Beam


Chinois on Main


Michael's: Santa Monica


The Peninsula Hotel - Beverly Hills


Border Grill


Giggles N' Hugs


Annie’s Edibles


Project Angel Food


Volunteer Opportunities
We welcome classroom visits and kitchen demonstrations from culinary professionals. If you work in the culinary field (not only as a chef, but or in any food service-related capacity) and would like to participate in this way, please contact contact our Volunteer Services Coordinator for more information.