For well over three decades, St. Joseph Center has been a beacon of hope in the community. Our mission is to provide working poor families, as well as homeless men, women, and children of all ages with the inner resources and tools to become productive, stable and self-supporting members of the community.

Respect for the dignity of each person is the cornerstone of St. Joseph Center’s approach. Staff and volunteers make every effort to provide a welcoming, safe place where all people are treated with compassion and dignity. The words we use to embody our philosophy and approach are: Accountability, Respect, Integrity, Social Justice, and Empowerment.

Information regarding current employment opportunities is available here.


St. Joseph Center was founded in 1976 by two Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Though we are a separately incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we retain an affiliation with the Sisters as a sponsored corporation. Learn more about the Sisters and their work here.

We have an extensive history of the Center's growth and development available.

  Our Board of Directors takes an active role in the life of the Center.  
  Our Executive Management Team consists of President & CEO Va Lecia Adams Kellum and other top management personnel. They are responsible for the Center's day-to-day operations and program planning and implementation.  

Because St. Joseph Center is committed to openness and transparency, we make our recent audited financial statements and tax returns (IRS Form 990) available for download.


Please use these links to view our recent audited financial statements:

Audited Statements FY15-16

Audited Statements FY14-15

Audited Statements FY13-14

Audited Statements FY12-13

Audited Statements FY11-12

Audited Statements FY10-11

Audited Statements FY09-10


Please use these links to view our recent tax returns (IRS Form 990):

IRS Form 990 FY14-15

IRS Form 990 FY13-14

IRS Form 990 FY12-13

IRS Form 990 FY11-12

IRS Form 990 FY10-11

IRS Form 990 FY09-10


Note: St. Joseph Center's recent IRS Form 990 inadvertandly noted a lack of a Document Retention Policy; that will be corrected in our next filing and a PDF copy of that policy is available at this link.